RenHistBannerNewWebsitearchaeologyIT is a small company based in Paisley, Scotland specializing in IT services for the heritage market.  We have been in existence for over 10 years providing website, photographic services and most recently multimedia services.

We have experience in PHP/ MySQL websites and databases, and have recently been developing skills in the Zend Framework.

Another aspect of our work is Multimedia packages that can be deployed in exhibition/ museum spaces taking full advantage of the latest touch screen technology.  A good example of this is the archive for the Renfrewshire Witch Hunt 1697 project where we collected the research, photographs and videos of the 2012  re-enactment and provided a usable interface for visitors to the exhibition space to explore the history of the Bargarran Witch Hunt.  We have now signed a partnership agreement with RWH1697 to provide research into the Bargarran Witchhunt in1697 and are currently drawing up the research proposal.

Our sister website www.renfrewshirehistory.info is dedicated to promoting the history and archaeology of the old County of Renfrew.  Please visit it to see what we are currently working on.