As part of our sister site, Renfrewshire History, we now re-publish antiquarian publications on the history of Renfrewshire & Paisley.    We are also keen to publish new works on the history of the county of Renfrew, and will consider other proposals.

We have access to the latest digital printing technologies through our printer who provides an extremely fast turn around, allowing us to provide an efficient turn around.

The following is a list of the volumes currently available from Renfrewshire History

aIT-RH1 Gordon’s Loan 60 Odd Years Ago – David Semple –  Published 1881
aIT-RH2 Reminiscences of the ‘Pen Folk’  – David Semple –  Published 1873
aIT-RH3 Improvements around Abbey Close – Published 1933
aIT-RH4 Renfrewshire – Chalmers – Published 18  (From Caledonia)
aIT-RH5 RWH1697  Booklet – only available from the RWH1697 Shop
aIT-RH6 Relation of Diabolical Practices (Bargarran 1697)
aIT-RH7 A History of the Witches of Renfrewshire – Published 1877
aIT-RH8 Paisley Annual Miscellany 1812
aIT-RH9 Paisley’s Town House or Sacracens Head Inn  – David Semple – 1870
aIT-RH10 Historical Description of abbey and town of Paisley  Charles Mackay1835
aIT-RH11 The Master of Blantyre – Catherine Marsh – Published 1895
aIT-RH12 Lichens of an old Abbey – Published 1878 by J & R Parlane
aIT-RH13 Guide to Paisley with views Published 1896 by J & R Parlane

More volumes are scheduled  for publication in mid November 2013 and January 2014.